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Criminal Defense

  • People v. DC—felony domestic violence case with great bodily injury allegations and 8-year possible prison sentence reduced to misdemeanor disorderly conduct violation and 3 month credit time served.
  • People v. JR–misdemeanor indecent exposure case dismissed after a hung jury.
  • People v. RV–misdemeanor illegal possession of a knife dismissed after motion to suppress evidence granted.
  • People v. Various Defendants—multiple misdemeanor DUI cases reduced to reckless driving offenses.
  • People v. JM—felony residential burglary case with 4 years prison exposure resolved with a 3-month jail sentence in county jail.
  • People v. TR—misdemeanor battery case with 1-year jail exposure reduced to vandalism case with no jail and therapy sessions.
  • People v. RJ—felony gun possession case dismissed at a preliminary hearing.
  • People v. TD—felony attempted murder case with multiple firearm possession enhancements leading 25+ years prison exposure reduced to assault with a deadly weapon with a 6-year sentence.
  • People v. JB—felony attempted murder case with potential life in state prison sentence reduced to a 5-year prison sentence.

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